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Happy New Year

      Every new year deserves its fair chance to be the best year EVER!! My hope is that The Everyday Monet will continue to be part of that greatness. 

     This past year has come and gone with many challenges and changes. Change isnt always good, but sometimes its a dream come true. October found me starting my new subscription  group on Facebook called The Fountain of Hues. 

     The Fountain of Hues is an art community created  by artists, for artists. Its a domain thats main purpose is to set an atmosphere of genuine encouragement and support. Each artist is encouraged to create freely without  negative comments or insinuations. 

     When we are children we are given colorful art supplies and expected to create and dig deep into our imagination. Once we leave grade school we are quietly supposed to forget the crayons and paints and gain unfathomable interest in computers, science, careers, setting up a home, furthering an education and starting a family. Yet, each person still has an inner artist  waiting for the opportunity to create in on form or fashion. 

     The Fountain of Hues is the place to come and explore new mediums, hone old skills, teach others your secret brush techniques and feel free to make errors. Who knows, that error might be the next great art form! 

   For January and February 2022 I will be welcoming members into the Fountain of Hues for $15 . March 1st it will return  to the normal price point of $25 per month .

Each month you will have access to a minimum of four artventures,

live tutorials

video recorded  tutorials for your convenience

tips, tricks and strategies to help you ease into new mediums and expand your skill set

product reviews

valuable coupon codes for quality products

private Facebook page to get to know other artists.

If you or someone you know may find value in this group, please send me a message with your email and I will shoot you the link to join. This is the only time this price will be this low in 2022.

The Everyday Monet believes  art should be relaxing, energizing, exciting, and fun for the artist. With that in mind, our focus is FUN ART not FINE ART. 

The Everyday Monet paint parties and decor fits every occasion. Ladies night? Yes. Date night? Yes. Birthday party? Yes. Mommy and me time, sports team party, church groups, corporate team building, bridal shower, house warming party? yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. No matter your taste or budget, we have something for everyone.


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